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What is the scariest scene in it

What is the scariest scene in it


The Most Scary Scenes in IT (2017) HD! Refrigerator Scene, Library Scene & More!


The Exorcist

If you're still reveling in the Stephen King-brand brilliance of the It remake, you're not alone. In the short time since the film's Sept.

Top 10 Scariest Scenes From IT (2017)


Scariest Scenes In Stephen King's 1990's It

This Is the Scariest Scene in The Nun

The Most Scariest Scenes in IT MOVIE 2017 #2! Projector Scene, Leper Scene & More! IT Movie Scenes

It was scary.

What one marks “scary” is so highly subjective, and varying, firm opinions are the cause of endless debate over any sort of horror list.

The Screaming Bear Attack Scene from 'Annihilation' Was One of This Year's Scariest Horror Moments

RINGS Movie Clip 2017 - Scary Scene | Ending Scene

IT movie: Pennywise Clown EATS A BABY in disturbing deleted scene that was CUT

Haunting of Hill House

#scariest scene

Best Scares of 2018 Variety List

Pennywise the clown is back!

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Sweet dreams.

We already know from the teaser that Bill sees visions of his dead brother in the

IT Scariest Scene!

Moments in the 1990 It movie that are scarier than the remake

The 17 scariest moments in The Haunting of Hill House, ranked | SYFY WIRE

Lord of the Rings Scariest scene from the movies?

It's tense. Things aren't going well. That is, until a terrifying ice breaker reveals herself: the ghost of their dead sister, Nell.

5 Scary Star Wars Scenes

Though none of the sequels and prequels managed to live up to that one scene, the Exorcist franchise panning 5 of the creepiest horror movies is a ...

In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren come out of a self-imposed sabbatical to travel to Enfield, a borough in north ...

The Most Scariest/Disturbing Scenes in IT 2017 Movie! Georgie Death Scene, Cornfield Scene & More!

Insidious Chapter 2 Would Be Scary If It Made Sense


The scariest scene from Netflix's new horror movie 'Veronica' is guaranteed to keep you up at night

A QUIET PLACE Emily Blunt. “

Alex Wolff and Toni Collette in 'Hereditary'

... at AITH as we take a look at some killer scary scenes that made us jump in our chairs and grip our loved ones for dear death. Now let's get to it!

Scariest scene from the movie IT #pranks #funny #prank #comedy #jokes #lol #banter

50 terrifying movie moments

"The Nun" follows the mysterious suicide of a young nun. Warner Bros.

'The Boy' Review: Scary-Doll Horror Flick Is Creepy and Clever

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in “It.” [Photo: Brooke Palmer, courtesy of Warner Bros.

best scary movies to watch 2016

5 Of The Scariest Moments In The History Of The Silent Hill Series

Ringu, terrifying movie moments

YouTube Premium

The kids' final stand against Pennywise in 2017 is incredibly similar to what goes down in its predecessor (both ignore the novel's Ritual of Chüd in favor ...

31 of the Scariest Kids Movies Ever Made

iOS developer Abhishek Singh is no stranger to ARKit and now he's put together a new ARKit-powered demo which recreates the scariest scene from the horror ...

27 Scariest Scenes From Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House, Ranked - GameSpot

If you like to get scared and if you are running out of horror movies to watch, check out our list of top 10 scariest movies that will definitely get under ...

The Shining scene 'scientifically proven' as the scariest film moment

The antagonist is invincible. In most horror films you see the killer's murderous ambition succeed

Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

There are plenty of unpleasant moments from the book that could work well on the big

The Meg

This particular scene is well known for having one of the scariest jump scares of cinema history. But it is not the climax that makes this scene so scary ...

Odd List

Horror scene screaming man face. Scary evil many faces.

This is one horror movie that caught me (and my friend) off guard. Not only partial scenes were scary, the entire movie was scary.

One of the Trench, a ferocious deep-sea race featured in the Aquaman film and comics. (Photo: DC/Warner Bros.)

'Halloween' at 40: The 8 Scariest Moments from John Carpenter's Original Classic

... scariest scene from the prequels already (i.redd.it)

8 'Poltergeist' Scenes From the Original Film That Will Make You Wonder How It Received A PG Rating

Show is so scary, viewers nearly pass out

Enemy, House spider

When combined, the contorting and screaming are jarring enough, but what makes this scene so scary is a little trick that's often deployed in jump-scare ...

“Seeing the scary character from the movie has so badly affected your son that it. “

Scary things really happened during the filming of The Conjuring 2, says director

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What was the scariest scene for you?

Beware the moors – An American Werewolf In London (Landis, 1981)

What do you think of our picks? What is the scariest movie scene you've ever seen? Talk about it in the comments below or email your personal answer (a ...

5 Scary Movie Scenes in the Bathroom

It's a great week to be undead. In recent years, the good, old-fashioned ghost story has been an afterthought within the horror movie community, ...

In this image released by Universal Pictures, Olivia DeJonge, foreground, and Deanna Dunagan

Bird Box on Netflix showed THIS monster but deleted scene too 'SCARY' for Sandra Bullock

2. Ghoul Under the House (Episode 3)

Creepy clown at Niles Scream Park

the exorcist

Illustration for article titled Extra terror, hold the gore: 8 truly scary PG-

The 10 Scariest 'Haunting Of Hill House' Moments, So You Know Exactly When To Cover Your Eyes

8. The Haunted Forest (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

The Innkeepers - #2 scariest scene in a movie...I can't even look.

A shot of Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington in the film 'Get ...

... of movies in my time (most of them horror), and it's hard to choose favorites. Some movies boast one terrifying scene, and some are relentlessly scary.


Horror movies don't scare you? See if you can handle these VR freak-outs